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Intellectual property is a broad description of intangible assets owned and legally protected by a company or individual.

Patent Law is the branch of intellectual property law governing a party's rights to ownership and/or use of a tangible invention.  A patent must be applied for through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in an interactive application process, where a patent examiner scrutinizes the invention and its depiction to determine eligibility.  If issued by the USPTO, a patent prohibits other third parties from developing, producing, marketing, or profiting in any way from the invention for a designated period—typically 20 years. An inventor successfully applying for a patent is generally granted exclusive rights over the invention. Without a patent, the inventor risks being forced to share or even relinquish her rights to ownership of the invention, including [most importantly] the profits realized after building a business around the patentable idea.  Protect your idea! Our attorneys are available to guide you every step of the way. Whether you need a utility, plant, or design patent, we walk you through submitting patent applications and securing and protecting your intellectual property from infringement and licensing issues when it comes to building your startup.

Types of Matters we Handle:

  • Establishing businesses and non-profit organizations including choosing and forming LLC, L3C, B-corp, S-corp, C-corp, partnerships, and D/B/As
  • Bylaws and operating agreements—adding or removing members, partners, and shareholders
  • Term sheets negotiations and closing on private equity and non-dilutive funding including venture capital, angel investors, “friends and family” rounds, convertible debt, secured debt, grants and loans, and applications for women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, other preferred contracting statuses
  • Employee incentive compensation, advisor compensations; review contracts with independent contractors, subcontractors, board members, and employees
  • Review service contracts including government contracts, scopes of work, 1099 independent contractors
  • Federal tax-exempt applications for non-profit organizations including 501(c)(3); creating and reviewing governance documents such as Board of Directors or Trustee obligations, bylaws, operating agreements, procedural review
  • Patent drafting, applications, and prosecution of pending applications before the USPTO
  • Patent interference

Trademark Law is the branch of intellectual property that governs the use of a symbol, word, logo, slogan, design, or domain name, and uniquely distinguishes it from the services of another. Trademarks last ten years, with the option to continuously renew for additional ten-year terms. A critical component of establishing a business, a trademark, when utilized strategically, has the potential to become nearly synonymous with the product or services it represents. For example, in much of society, Kleenex and tissue are used nearly interchangeably. Our attorneys can assist in all stages of the trademark, from clearing the proposed mark, preparing the application, prosecuting the mark, to monitoring it once approved. We help small businesses prosper by providing the framework for success.

Types of Matters we Handle:

  • Trademark applications, oppositions, and litigation including cease & desist and licensing negotiations
  • Trademark applications as US counsel for foreign-domiciled entities
  • Copyright registrations
  • Acquisitions, novations, assignments, mergers
  • Licensing and royalties for sales and production


Entertainment Law is a branch of law that encompasses various legal fields including all forms of intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks and even patents. Also, under the umbrella of Entertainment Law, legal expertise in other areas help to provide a more-complete strategy to the many business-based needs of your entertainment business, such as corporate law, finance law, and others. In assessing your entertainment law needs, it is important to work with a legal team that understands how the areas of laws interrelate and how to navigate quickly changing, and often complex laws that govern the needs of an entertainment-based business, whether that be a musician, record label, film company, actor, or publishing company, among others.

More nuanced entertainment law needs include important areas to consider, like, publicity and privacy, as they relate to the arts. Parlatore Law Group’s entertainment law attorneys are here to help you navigate any legal need that may arise in these areas. Our attorneys can also assist in general business-related questions that can help guide your decisions on how to continue to earn revenue in the entertainment industry, but also how to protect the art you passionately created. Given the nature of rapidly evolving technology, our entertainment law attorneys are constantly keeping up with changes and legal developments in the industry, including the recently enacted Music Modernization Act. We are proud to represent the rights of artists in our communities.

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Expert legal advice on matters including federal litigation for copyright and trademark infringement, and state court litigation for breach of contract
  • Complex transactional projects including drafting and negotiation services for artists, record labels, publishing and production companies, producers, film directors, streaming platforms, radio stations, and television networks
  • Federal Consulting sessions and informational seminars for seasoned artists and novices in the music, film, or entertainment industries


Copyright Law protects original creative works and allows the owners control over unauthorized uses. Creative work protected by copyright laws can include video games, books, music, images, videos, websites, graphics (such as logos), and software programs. Consequently, the usage of certain creative work or copyright imaging requires permission, or licenses, especially if the imaging is being used in commercial settings. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain the required permissions and licenses before using the desired content and sometimes the rules can seem tedious and overwhelming. Whether you’re a creative, looking to protect your content, or business or individual looking to properly access the desired content through the legal channels, an experienced lawyer can help navigate the process and protect your interests. Parlatore Law Group has a team of talented copyright attorneys that can get the process started. Contact us today!

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Matters of authorship, assignments, and licensing
  • Protections of copyright include writings, music, and works of the fine arts, such as paintings and sculptures as well as technology-based products such as computer programs and electronic databases
  • Registration, protection, and defense of claims, licensing, acquisitions, audits, valuations, and business-related matters


Art law protects, regulates, and facilitates the creation, use, and marketing of a creative’s work, such as works of fine art and visual arts. It involves multiple legal disciplines, including intellectual property, contract, tax, commercial, publicity and privacy rights, and international law. The creation, sale, collection, and display of art all receive specialized legal treatment. 

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Legal advising on matters including transactions related to protecting proprietary rights
  • Contract drafting and negotiation services for public and private sales of art
  • Organizing exhibitions
  • Structuring business agreements
  • Complying with customs regulations


Fashion law deals with the everyday problems and legal issues of fashion and lifestyle companies. It covers apparel, accessories, footwear, beauty, perfume, eyewear, and textiles. It encompasses various legal fields, including all forms of intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Fashion is an often-copied industry. Intellectual property allows for a limited measure of protection in the United States. In addition to intellectual property matters, other issues can affect a fashion business. Lawyers working with fashion brands touch every part of the business. They advise and negotiate leases, product licenses, import and export issues, compliance, advertising and marketing, social media, and tax issues. Fashion lawyers operate as business partners. 

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Trademark, copyright, and patent prosecution, enforcement, and monetization
  • Lease negotiations
  • Employment and labor
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Advertising agreements with influencers, photographers, models, and shoot location sites
  • Product placement agreements
  • Licensing agreements


Sports Law consists of several different areas of law including but not limited to contract law, endorsements, intellectual property law, and sports related litigation. Today’s sports business and game rules are changing. Sports figures, athletes, coaches, owners, and investors must protect and profit from their name, image, business, and likeness. Some sports law services include publicity rights, licensing, and related contracts.

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Publicity rights
  • Licensing
  • Related Contracts


Music Law involves the counsel and representation of songwriters, producers, record labels, publishers, managers, agents, dancers, singers and musicians in valuation, acquisition, administration and licensing of record and publishing catalogs. The music industry is ever-changing, and music is the centerpiece.

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Agreement structures in collaborations
  • Licensing
  • 360 deals
  • Merchandising
  • Product Placement


Film & Television legal services involve the counseling and representation of production companies, filmmakers, talent, writers in contract drafting, review, deal negotiations, compliance, and trainings. Emerging digital platforms and mobile technology are changing everything about content creation and the value of it lies in the ability to exploit it.

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Profit participation
  • Licensing
  • Royalty
  • Financing
  • NDAs
  • Management agreements
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Story rights
  • Content acquisitions
  • Image releases
  • Clearances for location, image, artwork


Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are unique, one-of-a-kind, digital files that use blockchain technology to establish proof of ownership. Content creators must take steps to establish clear contractual provisions governing the control over the value, and conditions of the sale and the creation of new distribution channels of art, access, and other valuable property. Once created, or “minted”, an underlying smart contract code is being written that governs NFTs qualities, which can then be commercialized. NFTs have potential various applications on digital art, collectibles, in-game items, domain names, and event tickets or coupons. Some legal and regulatory developments include internet contract law, intellectual property rights and data protection. 

Types of Matters We Handle:

  • Internet Contract Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Data Protection





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